St. Martin Family-5584

Our story is a simple one. We are the St. Martin family and it is our hope and prayer to add to our family through adoption.

Donald, a web developer and Anna Marie, a former teacher and school counselor (now stay-at-home mom), married in 2009. After having our son, Oliver, two and a half years ago, we felt the greatest joy in the world. But, as time went by, we realized our puzzle was not yet complete. We have never felt the sting of fertility struggles or even experienced an adoption in our own families. We simply want to to give a child in need a loving home, and to raise them in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

But, as with any challenge in life, our journey is not without obstacles. With the rising costs of adoption in the United States, reaching upwards of $35,000, we would not be able to bring our child home without the help and support of generous people like you. During this time, it is our goal to not only fund our child's adoption, but to bring awareness to this very important issue, and encourage other young Christians to consider adoption as well.


Please share our story with family and friends. Even if you are not able to give financial support, your moral support is equally important. We want to shed light on this very serious need in our world and bring more children home to loving, Christian families.